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Step right up into my gallery! Don't worry I won't bite unless you have cookies ^^


Note that I do use brushes made by others so please check my favs to see whose brushes I might have used. These people are awesome so I thank you for this ^^

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Ilja Levonen
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
I have studied Digital Media at Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences and specialized to game graphics and design. I currently work full time at RAY (Raha Automaatti Yhdistys) as Game Artist.
Sup everyone!

Well I'm finally starting the settle down in my new home and the work schedule. It has been bit of an adjustment since I haven't had time table like this for almost a year. Not complaining, I love this job I have now and it pays well. My superior is a really nice guy and I've finished the graphics to the first game prototype already. They seemed to like my stuff so I'm rather pleased to hear that. Apparently it was surprising how the game feels like one of RAY's games even though me and my partner in crime have worked there for so little time XD

Well there are still some things about my day to day schedule that suck a bit. Mostly the fact that I have to take 45min buss drive everyday...twice. So when I get back home it's pretty late and I'm tired. I don't have much free time on my hand and I'm still in the game project with some people back at Tampere and I'll try my best to do some stuff for that each weekend. Still I'll continue to take commissions if anyone wants them, I'll just work slower on them because of my 8-16 job.

Anyway, back to living. I'll leave you with my console game list.
Thanks to Tamarinfrog for writing these down while I put them on the shelves. (Direct the misspelling comments of titles to her).
This doesn't include my PC games.

See ya soon~


Nintendo - Wii

    -          Baruque

    -          De blob

    -          Disaster : Day of Crisis

    -          Eledees

    -          Epic Mickey

    -          Fragile Dreams

    -          Golden Eye 007

    -          Klonoa

    -          Mad world

    -          Metroid: Prime 3

    -          Metroid: Other M

    -          Nights

    -          No More Heroes

    -          No More Heroes 2

    -          Okami

    -          Rabbits go home

    -          Red Steel 2

    -          Super Mario Galaxy

    -          Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    -          The Last Story

    -          Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

    -          The Simpsons game

    -          Tomb Raider Anniversary

    -          Zak and Wiki

    -          Wii Sport

    -          Wii sport resort

Nintendo - Game Cube

    -          Donkey Konga

    -          Donkey Konga 2

    -          Pokemon Colosseum

    -          Spiderman

    -          Star Fox Adventures

Nintendo -N64

    -          007 The World Isn't Enough

    -          Rayman 2: The Great Escape

    -          Mission Impossible

    -          Pokemon Stadium

    -          Super Mario 64


Nintendo - Gameboy  + Advance

    -          Pokemon red

    -          Splinter Cell: Pandora tomorrow

    -          Castlevania: Circle of the moon

    -          Castlevania: Harmony of dissonance

    -          Mario&Luigi : Super Star Saga



    -          Drawn to Life

    -          Ghost Trick

    -          Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 days

    -          Mario Kart DS

    -          Metroid: Prime Hunters

    -          New Super Mario Bros

    -          Pokemon SoulSilver

    -          Pokemon White

    -          Prince of Persian: The Falling King

    -          Space Invaders Extreme

    -          Wario Ware

    -          The World Ends With You

    -          Kingdom Hearts 3D

    -          Legend of Zelda : Link Between Worlds

    -          Majora's Mask 3D

    -          Pokemon X


    -          Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles

    -          Daxter

    -          Death junior

    -          Echochrome

    -          Gangs of London

    -          Kingdom Hearts: Birth by sleep

    -          Locoroco 2

    -          Me and My Katamari

    -          Medievil Resurrection

    -          Modnation Racers

    -          Parappa the Rapper

    -          Patapon 2

    -          Prince of Persian Revelations

    -          Rich Racer

    -          Twisted Metal Head on

    -          Playstation Network collection

Playstation one

    -          Ape Escape

    -          Bugs Bunny Lost in Time

    -          Broken Sword

    -          Carmageddon

    -          Crash Bandicoot

    -          Crash Bandicoot 2

    -          Crash Bandicoot 3

    -          Crash Team Racing

    -          Crash Bash

    -          Croc 2

    -          Destrega

    -          Digimon World

    -          Disney's Tarzan

    -          Earthworm Jim

    -          Fear Effect

    -          Fear effect 2

    -          Final Fantasy 9

    -          Gex: Enter the Gecko

    -          Gex: Deep Cover Gecko

    -          Harry Potter: Viisasten Kivi

    -          Harry Potter: Salaisuuksien Kammio

    -          Hogs of War

    -          Incredible crisis

    -          Jackie Chan the Stunt Master

    -          Kingsley's adventure

    -          Legacy of Kain: Soul reaver

    -          Medievil

    -          Odd World: Abe's Odyssey

    -          Odd World: Abe's Exodus

    -          Pandemonium

    -          Parasite Eve 2

    -          Rayman

    -          Shadowman  

    -          Spider-man

    -          Spider-man 2: Enter Electro

    -           Spyro  the Dragon

    -          Spyro: Gateway to Glimmer

    -          Spyro: Year of the Dragon

    -          Syphon Filter 2

    -          Tekken 3

    -          Tomb Raider 3

    -          Tomb Raider the Last Revelation

    -          Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

    -          Tony Hawk's pro skater 3

    -          Toy Story 2 Buzz Lightyear to the rescue

    -          Wip 3 out

    -          Ötökän elemää

Playstation 2

    -          Airblade

    -          Ape Escape 2

    -          Ape Escape 3

    -          Beyond Good and Evil

    -          The Bouncer

    -          Devil May Cry

    -          Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition

    -          Futurama

    -          Gungrave

    -          Marc Ecko's Getting up

    -          Jak and Daxter

    -          Jak 2 Renegade

    -          Jak 3

    -          Jak X

    -          Kingdom Hearts

    -          Kingdom Hearts 2

    -          Lego Batman

    -          Naruto Ultimate Ninja

    -          Oni

    -          Parappa the rapper 2

    -          Persona 3

    -          Persona 4

    -          Prince of Persian Sands of Time Trilogy

    -          Psychonauts

    -          Ratchet and Clank

    -          Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando

    -          Ratchet and Clank 3

    -          Ratchet: Gladiator

    -          Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters

    -          Secret Agent Clank

    -          Rise to Honor

    -          Sega Super Stars

    -          Simpsons Hit and Run

    -          Sly Raccoon

    -          Sly Raccoon 2

    -          Sly Raccoon 3

    -          Spy VS Spy

    -          Stolen

    -          Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's revenge

    -          Tony Hawk Underground 2

    -          Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

    -          Ultimate Spider-man

    -          Viewtiful Joe

    -          Wiplash

    -          Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex

    -          Shadow the Hedgehog

    -          Evil Twin

    -          Castlevania

    -          Buzz! Music quiz

    -          Jak and Daxter: Lost Frontier

    -          Tomb Raider Underworld

    -          Rygar: The Legendary Adventure

    -          Pitfall: The Lost Expedition

    -          Ghost Rider

    -          Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban

Playstation 3

    -          Brutal Legend

    -          Batman Arkham City

    -          Assassin Creed: Brotherhood

    -          Assassin Creed 3

    -          Assassin Creed 4: Black Flag

    -          Dante's Inferno

    -          Bayonetta

    -          Castlavania: Lord's of Shadow

    -          Afro Samurai

    -          Final Fantasy XIII

    -          Enslaved Odyssey to the West

    -          El Shaddai

    -           Duke Nukem Forever

    -          DMC Devil May Cry

    -          Deus Ex Human revolution

    -          DC Universe Online

    -          Hitman Absolution

    -          Heavenly sword

    -          God of War 1&2 collection

    -          Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Description

    -          Ratchet and Clank: Crack in time

    -          Ratchet and Clank: Nexus

    -          Prototype 1

    -          Prototype 2

    -          Prince of Persia trilogy

    -          Prince of Persian the Forgotten Sands

    -          Persona 4 Arena

    -          No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise

    -          Little big planet

    -          Ni No Kuni

    -          Max Payne 3

    -          Lollipop Chainsaw

    -          Killer is Dead

    -          Infamous 1

    -          Infamous 2

    -          Splinter Cell: Blacklist

    -          Darkness 1

    -          Darkness 2

    -          Portal 2

    -          Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

    -          Simpsons game

    -          Shadows of the Dammed

    -          Red Dead Redemption

    -          Rayman Origins

    -          Yakuza 4

    -          Wet

    -          Uncharted 

    -          Uncharted 2

    -          Uncharted 3



    -          Armored and Dangerous

    -          Blink

    -          Crash Twinsanity

    -          Destroy all humans

    -          Conker Live and Reloaded

    -          Guilty Gear X2 reloaded

    -          Harry Potter : salaisuuksien kammio

    -          James Bond 007 : Agent Under Fire

    -          Jets Set Radio Future

    -          Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas : Oogie's Revenge

    -          Pac-Man world 3

    -          Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc

    -          Time Spiltters 2

    -          Tomb Raider Legend

    -          Total Overdose

    -          Voodoo Vince

    -          XIII

    -          X-Men Legends

    -          Blood Roar Extreme

    -          Legacy of Kain: Defiance

  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: Markiplier
  • Reading: I have no f**king clue...
  • Watching: Cartoons
  • Playing: Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris
  • Eating: Some stuff
  • Drinking: Smoothies


Espial World Design Challenge: Night Bell by Lazy-a-Ile
Espial World Design Challenge: Night Bell

"Night Bell is a flower that blooms during the night unlike most other plants. This beautiful flower can light up the fields for night time travelers. Be warn, if you hear this bell ringing you might be dead or there is a spirit nearby."

Species name:

Night Bell



Chosen design elements:

I wanted to do a plant and after while thought about bio illumination and thought about some flowers I like. I really like bluebells and a believe of them ringing to the dead. I also thought how flowers can change their appearance from day to night. Since I wanted to do the bio illumination thing I thought it be fun for this thing to bloom during night rather than day. Kind of reverse flower if you will.


Night Bell is a weird flower to say the least. During the day they look like weeds but during the night it changes it's color and blooms in a beautiful flower that lights the darkness. This bio illumination is most likely caused by bacteria. There isn't much information about why it does that but it's pretty to look at. This flower is most likely leaching nutrition from other plants like trees and moss. Night Bell can be found from most forests. They can't survive in caves unless there is other plants to leech nutrition. This is also why they simply can't survive on frozen tundras. They multiply but shooting spores out of the bell during spring time.

Most animals won't eat this plant but it's eatable. There is a catch though. You won't be able to sleep if you consume this plant. Problem here is that depending the dose this will lead to total exhausting and worse death. One flower equals in about 24 hours of sleeplessness. Other uses for it is to put it on a stick and use it as a one time light source. Night Bell looses it glow three hours after being pulled off the ground.

There is also one belief about this flower. If you hear this bell flower ring, you are either dead or are close to ghosts or spirits.


Yay, second one because on a roll XD


Espial World Design Challange: Demon Bird by Lazy-a-Ile
Espial World Design Challange: Demon Bird

"Scavenger animal, mostly living off of calcium in bones. Isn't afraid to attack the living if a meal presents itself to them. You are better off to stay away from this one!"

Species name:

Demon Bird, most commonly referred as the Tooth Fairy


Something between a bird of prey and a bug.

Chosen design elements:

So I decided to make this really scary dangerous predator animal that could be a subject to many horror stories. Basically I want with a mix of a wasp and bat with bird feather wings and slightly hooked up claws. I decided to use natural warning colors for red being in the eyes and yellow in the stinger and slightly in wings. These to colors can be seen in nature as well as traffic lights to warn us of danger to not get close to this thing. You know if the piranha teeth, claws and damn stinger weren't good enough reasons to stay away from this thing. I also put some dinosaur like elements to this with head shape, few spikes and hooked back claws. I find bugs pretty creepy looking up close so I think I had a right starting point.

Demon Birds are mostly scavengers of skeletons. They diet consists calcium so they are usual sight close to big burial grounds or anywhere else that dead are usual sight. This is because the eat bones, whole bones and leave nothing of it behind. In case they attack living animal they burrow through the skin and meat directly to the bones, leaving rest as a mess behind. This is unusual though since they are more interested of the ready dead corpses for easier meal. However if you happen to get these things attention, you'll soon find out why these things are more commonly referred as Tooth Fairies. Remember, your teeth have calcium and these things love the taste to teeth. Those are first to go...

Demon Birds usually roam around during the night since they don't like light and other predators leave animal corpses around for them during the night. They can see well in the dark with their four eyes. However they are known to be few cases where a single one of them has flown around during the day even though they normally travel in packs of five or six. As scavengers they usually don't attack the living but they are equipped with stinger that causes paralysis when hit. Other means of defense is their saliva. The spit itself is a mild acid, nothing to be too worried about but you might want to wash it off. This acid is used to soften up the bones they eat as well as distractions in the fight.

Demon Birds don't make much sounds, only some screeching when they announce themselves to attack you. Most communications happen through body language and dances. Their mating dance is told to be quite complex and aggressive. The mating itself happens quite rarely during the year. When Demon Birds mate they usually have a at least 20 children ones and the mother takes care of them while father looks for food for them with packs.

Now, you must be thinking to yourself, how to defend yourself against these things. First off this things are really stupid, like really dumb. Apparently one little girl saved herself from a swarm of Demon Birds by hiding under a blanket. Apparently, if these things don't see you directly in the eyes, you are invisible to them. Secondly strong lights can stun and scared them off. Thirdly they hate cold so if you can drop the temperature on them, they'll try to escape you.

As for taming...I don't recommend it. These things are more likely to eat you...


Here is my first design challange for Espial World. I had so difficulty to come up with something funny but I finally thought of something XD
Second coming soon ^^


Espial World - Koa by Lazy-a-Ile
Espial World - Koa


Got in, yay~
Something more orginal between other group stuff~






Koa is somewhat animalistic. When he meet new creatures he usually hides or acts with caution. He seems little antisocial at first but is gentle. He can speak broken English but this species communicate through sign language, making it hard to communicate with others occasionally. Koa is curious about his surrounding and weird tech he can get his hands on. His species has taken the sentence "monkey see, monkey do" literally. This means his a muscle mimic, able to copy any humanoid movement accurately ones seeing it clearly. He usually mimics his prey or new companions first to get better knowledge of their movements and personality. Koa can tell your true nature from your body language! When scared or agitated he usually starts to snarl and make animalistic ape sounds. These animalistic treats have a problem, he will act illogically and with his instinct alone. For example when scared his violent and in rational. He has to be calmed down first before he gets to normal. He is mix of intelligent human and animal.

Koa born at the middle of the ocean in a area the trees grow from the ocean. This swamp land like area was home to humanoid ape people. They are people who evolved to be better climbers due to only solid land being tree branches. These people live in huge network of tree houses and do a lot of fishing and hunting in far off lands. Koa was taught to be a hunter and expert climber. He was like any other boy and took this training as a fun and games.

He loved his home and it was fun to run around his home town. Even then he was he loved to explore the town, it being the huge network of tree houses there was no end to it. He got usually yelled at about searching the water areas and diving inside the huge tree roots to hide his treasures from his explorations. Still he kept wondering, what beyond the horizon of those huge blue waters. He kept bothering any explorers who came back to the village with new herbs, maps and hunting ground info. Koa got the idea of becoming an Explorer so he could see the world and what lied beyond the horizon. Some explorers fed his imagination of the world and even taught him trivia about the animals and herbs. Being curious he was happy to listen and learn.

At the age of 12 he took a test of Explorers. Koa passed easily the exams due to all the trivia he had learned as well as mimicking other Explorer's movement when they practiced climbing and fighting. It was actually part of the test, to show your interest before the test itself. Koa had eagerly shadowed Explorers who trained in secret and spy on them. Naturally he was noticed but let to do what he was doing. Passing this test earned him to be taught about the history and about the world that was before this one. This includes the knowledge of the explorers that were sent out before him, well ones that returned alive. He was taught this so when he turn 20, he'd leave the tribe and explore new hunting grounds and "old technology". He was clothed in the ways of these ancient people, given the explorers journal and O2 mask, a diving equipment they use to search under water for salvage. Koa was slightly scared since not all the Explorers return alive, they rarely did. Still he left pushing those feeling behind him. Koa took a boat to the mainland to start his exploration.

Koa love fruits and plants. All from just eating to healing herbs. He also loves the technology which is funny since his usually scared by it at first. He also loves the sun, there is nothing better he knows to just lay back and sleep under the sun. Koa also likes meeting other life forms as smart as he is, if not smarter. He also like a good dive. There is something fascinating in the world under the waves to him.

Death and large fires. As a part animal, seeing blood or corpses makes him really uneasy as well as large fires (forest fires to be exact, he isn't afraid of campfires or torches. That's just silly). This doesn't include skeletons, his used to those. He also hates rotten food. Underwater predators he dislikes like nothing else, mostly because he can't fight them off underwater too well.

About Design:
My first idea for the Explorer was a normal human who was something of an animal activist. I decided to go for evolved monkey man as I found this idea more appealing. Koa was designed to be a game character so I thought about the game play mechanics for the character design. Since climbing is the major aspect of that, being a monkey man and something of a Tarzan type in his movements , this evolved look towards the something between human and a gorilla. Basically mixing strength and agile movement. It also helped to make the muscle mimic his species ability as monkeys have a cliché about mimicking people. It just made an overall interesting idea to me. Since this game was meant to be a beautiful take on the post apocalyptic world his species were more native looking. That can be seen in part of his clothing, like that kilt thing around his waist that has pockets. Though I decided to add the normal looking clothing to make him seem more out of place in this new world. It also shows his connection to the past.

I was fascinated about swamps as I have lived near one as a kid. My only dislike in the murky water so I through, what if trees would grow from clear water? So basically islands made of trees which means that water is more shallow, like 10m at deepest before the open sea, kind of like an underwater island. No actual ground so you'd have vines and wooden plank walkways in a huge network of tree houses. Multiple leveled town that's easy to get lost in to. I just loved the concept and I felt it worked well with the ape people. This tribe would be a bunch of simple folks who liked to learn from the past but be careful with not going overboard. Like most animals, curious but not too stupid to screw around much.

He also has his red crystal around his neck and the tribe symbol in his hair. Koa wears in brass knuckles to protect his hands as he fights by punching. The 02 mask is made to filter air from water specifically. Koa keeps this mask near at all times. His sling bag carries herbs and equipment, like palm claws that help him with climbing and herbs to fight off fever.

- His name means Koa tree and warrior.
- Moves in trees abnormally fast but is slow on the ground.
- Learns hunting and fighting skills from wild life with his muscle mimic skill.

Collab: Change Meeting by Lazy-a-Ile
Collab: Change Meeting
Well...these two got off to a great start.
Not only did Iris trip on Pekka and splashed his face with ink but Pekka stumbled up, tripped by Iris and almost sat on her face. Gotta say these two are really accident prone pair to say the least. Accidents didn't stop there but better not tell, those two would get too embarrassed if we'd tell you those.

This awesome collab was done by :iconcoyotepack: and myself.
He did this beautiful line art for me to color, really darn pretty, I'm jealous =w=
It was a honor to color it!

Thanks for making this with me!

Pekka (c) me
Iris (c) coyotepack


PS: I might do lot more collab work in the future for the groups since it saves me some time, being a man who works 8-16 hour work days as it is. Plus it's fun to make this kinds of pair efforts ^^
Groudon Strike Team by Lazy-a-Ile
Groudon Strike Team
Another little pic for the event, done in slight hurry since I have other stuff to do.
Anyway, Pekka is giving little air support for his team. His drone makes it easy to flush opponents out of cover XD


Hope none of the characters owners don't mind me using them in this silly little pic~

Veli-Pekka (c) me
Tina (c) KayVeeDee
Iris (c) Coyotepack
Nix (c) Sbslink
Lyndia (c) slamer165
Odie (c) Lhumina

Pokemon (c) Nintendo


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