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Step right up into my gallery! Don't worry I won't bite unless you have cookies ^^


Note that I do use brushes made by others so please check my favs to see whose brushes I might have used. These people are awesome so I thank you for this ^^

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Ilja Levonen
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
I have studied Digital Media at Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences and specialized to game graphics and design. I currently work full time at RAY (Raha Automaatti Yhdistys) as Game Artist.
Stream has ended!




I've decided to tryout some livestream gaming! Well...after trying out settings and failing a lot...Yaaaayy~
Not sure how horribly it's going to go down but if you are interested about me blindly playing the game Grow Home, come join me.
Stream starts at 20:00 according EEST GTM +3 hours timezone.

My twitch channel link is the following:
I'll update this journal before starting.

Hope to see you there ^^
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Espial World Design Challenge: Arctic Brushtail by Lazy-a-Ile
Espial World Design Challenge: Arctic Brushtail

For design challenge #5 :iconespial-world:

"These weasel like animals are act adorably around travelers but be careful though. They like stealing from suckers. Mostly food and equipment that they hide later in tiny holes."

Species Name:
Arctic Brushtail

Submarine mammal

Chosen Design Elements:
I wanted to make a make a animal that covers it's tracks. Idea came from one of the weirder track design given in the design challenge. However I thought about that the animal would have different tracks that it would cover. Then I thought that the environment must be certain type for tracks to be covered. Since I'm Finnish  snow came to mind and it actually made sense and it determined the color of the creature. I figured that furry brush tail is cute and useful for brushing away paw marks from snow so predators won't find them. The weasel like appearance made me think about ferrets who like stealing stuff and hiding them.

As the name applies these creatures live in the cold regions of the world. They have thick fur coat to keep warm and to help with that their bodies have a layer of fat in them. If you'd shave one you see that their skin is jet black to better absorb the run light for warmth. It all these advantages Arctic Brushtail lives rather comfortably in cold regions. It hunts fish from below frozen lakes and oceans to help it keep it's layer of fat active. It is worth to point out that if you are stuck in cold regions and manage to hunt one of these down, they will make a good meal that keeps you going for hours as the fatty meat gives a lot of calories.

Arctic Brushtails are really hard to track if you want to catch one. They use their long tails to brush their paw prints off the snow as they walk. This tail is also used to swim as fast as the fastest fish. It wiggles it's body like a snake to get fast speeds under water to be able to catch fish with their mouth. They can hold their breath for a long time but have to come up for air. Brushtails diet consists mostly on fish as they are otherwise friendly and social creatures. They play with each other and make a lot of cute noises. However you should be careful as this is mostly an act to steal from suckers they don't see as predators. They always go for food but also for whatever else in your pockets though if it's not food, they'll hide it in "treasure holes" that are dug in the ground. They actually are the reason why you can find treasures in random places which were thought to be gifts from gods by old religious factions.

These creatures have many enemies as most other arctic creatures hunt for them. In case covering their tracks didn't help, they come equipped with big floppy ears. These ears are to hear their surroundings and possible predators but to also tell you if they are planning to steal from you. Only if their ears are down, are they completely harmless. At night they can actually scare their predators with their glowing claws and teeth. Some predators aren't fooled by the glowing teeth and claws but it makes an eerie sight at night. Arctic Brush tails breed about 8 times during the year as they want to keep their numbers up due to large amount of predators out in the snow.

They make good pets as they can be trained to get items for you. Also their fur makes excellent paint brushes!


Finally DA started working...
Hope I'm in time XD


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Woot! Thankies much for the watch :D
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I'm creating an rp going and I'm going to need some help!

Well, its going to do with anthro pokemon and a movie theater. I call it Regigigas Theater!

And this theater has 4 themes that it uses to create movies


Of course the owner is a regigigas: who is very jolly!
Hey, I don't know if this is happening to you, but dA keeps timing out every time I try to get to my notes (and upload my new picture... x.x).

If this doesn't fix itself soon, we'll have to continue tomorrow.

Edit: Oh. NOW it works. XP
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Long-sighted (Glasses not required)
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Happy Birthday To YOUUU! I, and many others are glad to have you around for yet another year! Woohooooo!

Boy, you are a patient one. Okay. Here's a little birthday song, just for you!…
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Thanks sweetie~  ^^
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