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Step right up into my gallery! Don't worry I won't bite unless you have cookies ^^


Note that I do use brushes made by others so please check my favs to see whose brushes I might have used. These people are awesome so I thank you for this ^^

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Ilja Levonen
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
I have studied Digital Media at Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences and specialized to game graphics and design. I currently work full time at RAY (Raha Automaatti Yhdistys) as Game Artist.
Stream has ended!




I've decided to tryout some livestream gaming! Well...after trying out settings and failing a lot...Yaaaayy~
Not sure how horribly it's going to go down but if you are interested about me blindly playing the game Grow Home, come join me.
Stream starts at 20:00 according EEST GTM +3 hours timezone.

My twitch channel link is the following:
I'll update this journal before starting.

Hope to see you there ^^
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No Name Professor by Lazy-a-Ile
No Name Professor
This was originally for Espial World design Challenge. Unfortunately I was too late for it. Still gonna upload it and explain some of the design.

So we were asked to make a professor who tinkers and has gadgets. I'm little unsure what the nature of technology in the world is since I think it's more magical in nature. Still there was talk about gadgets and what not which to me meant tech. With this in mind I figured that the gadgets the professor would make are less advanced. So I fell for steampunk. I thought it makes sense.

I basically made steampunk the motive in his appearance to show case few gadgets like the hat hands, cane and the doctor mask. Reason for the magnifying glass mask looking like a plague doctor mask is to hint on Ph.D papers.

For the general look I had to lock humanoid style due to character making gadgets, he needed finger. What I ended up with was otherworldly lizard type of thing that might seem menacing but classy. Got to make the wild life be cautious. Though as you can see, that hasn't always been the case.

That's all I feel like explaining for now, probably use this on my own projects and what not.
Cyberpunk Blade

Finally, I've had this model sitting around and finally finished it.
Modeled in Blender and finished in Unity 5.

This was really fun practice ^^
Espial World Design Challenge: Bone Shark by Lazy-a-Ile
Espial World Design Challenge: Bone Shark
"You ever wondered why there are cow bones at the desert? Or any bones all together? Well you have an answer now and you'll probably don't like. Won't want to visit the desert any time soon."

Species Name:
Bone Shark

Disguise Mole

Chosen Design Elements:
First think I thought of about desert were those random ass cow bones found there in cartoons and movies. Why are they there? Well, since the food out in the desert is scarce, what if some animals use the bones as disguise to attract scavengers for food? Makes sense to me. It also sounds like a cool idea, don't it? I basically decided on animal wearing a bone costume and worked down from there. I decided on mole type body what can tunnel down underground.


Ever wondered where the bones come to the desert? Well this animal is the part of the reason. It's called the Bone Shark, species best known from the fact that they steal animal bones to disguise themselves as dead corpses to hunt for prey around the desert. Who'd except a pile of bones to jump out and drag them below the sands?
                      These creatures are mostly living at the desert. They leave the desert only when it's breeding time, during late winter and through spring. It's safe to assume that these creatures breed around other animals that live close to the desert area. Reason for this is the number of brutal animal attacks that happen during spring time. Bone Sharks are most likely the culprits as the animal is dragged below ground, never to be seen again. You might not want to explore desert caves for the danger of meeting these animals. Though if you meet them outside the desert, you are lucky. They are really slow outside soft sandy areas. The swim in the sand and are really fast but at harder land they are slow and easier targets for other predators. If you see animal bones at the desert, you might want to get on top of something solid like a rock.
                      There is little known of this animals early stages. We know that these creatures lay eggs thanks to one courageous explorer who got to witness this from top of the cave that had a crack in the ceiling. Female lays the eggs and male covers them in goo that comes out from their mouth. Males don't seem to use this goo at any other time so we can't say if it's used for self-defense. Too bad the cave got raided by another predator that killed every Bone Shark so we couldn't learn more about the early stages of the animals live. Still what is known that they start to attach bones to their body. We have learned from dead Bone Sharks that they are covered in fur like substance. We say fur like since it grows into the bone like it's alive on some level. Like bunch of small tentacles that make bones that are attached to it, part of the body, permanently. Each Bone Sharks bone disguise is unique to them and this way they tell each other apart. There is no knowledge if they are born immediately with them or if they can attach something else other than bone to themselves in similar manner. Dead Bone Shark fur is too fragile to examine, leading to a claim that the fur dies immediately and falls off after the animal has died.
                      These creatures live below the sands and only come up to quickly attack its prey and dive back underground again. Name comes partially from how they silently swim in sand and drag their prey under the sands. One bite from its jaw is usually fatal but if you don't die to that, you will drown in the sound. They might live underground in cave systems and only come up to hunt for food. It eats anything that is comes to it's way so watch out. You don't want to get in its way! Many researchers have died after encountering weird bone structures and thinking they found a new species.
                      There is no known reason why they live under the desert but there are rumors that there is something in the earth under the desert it needs to live. Hence why they only leave the desert to breed and get better materials for disguises. One research says that the underground water under the desert have unique minerals in it that Bone Sharks need to stay alive. It makes sense but there is no prove of this claim.
                      However, as dangerous this animal is, you might be able to tame one. There are stories about sand nomad that could ride the sand on top of a dead animal bones. We don't advice you to try and tame it but know that it's extremely dangerous!


There another design challenge done for the desert theme.
Well pretty sure that this is why I'm a game artist...I just thought this could make an interesting game enemy  XD



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