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Step right up into my gallery! Don't worry I won't bite unless you have cookies ^^


Note that I do use brushes made by others so please check my favs to see whose brushes I might have used. These people are awesome so I thank you for this ^^

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Ilja Levonen
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
I have studied Digital Media at Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences and specialized to game graphics and design. I currently work full time at RAY (Raha Automaatti Yhdistys) as Game Artist.
Stream has ended!




I've decided to tryout some livestream gaming! Well...after trying out settings and failing a lot...Yaaaayy~
Not sure how horribly it's going to go down but if you are interested about me blindly playing the game Grow Home, come join me.
Stream starts at 20:00 according EEST GTM +3 hours timezone.

My twitch channel link is the following:
I'll update this journal before starting.

Hope to see you there ^^
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Lesson 13: Doppelganger
***WARNING!*** This comic includes characters that go off model  =w=

Well Chase's mirror wasn't too nice, trying to kill his counterpart for power. Anyone seen that Jet Li movie?  <w< 
Anyway, mirror Chase is...well Chase's mirror. Chase is a thief who does good, mirror is a paladin who does bad deeds. Chase is better in moves than magic, mirror is better in magic than moves. You know, basically the opposite of each other.

I should explain the special abilities that Chase has and just obtained. I alluded in his character app that he has a way to evade capture. That is his teleportation which I didn't explain as I wanted to have something that would surprise in a RP. Still only around 5 characters have seen it in action, more or less I use it rarely. Still, I'll explain the rules to teleportation and doppelganger.

This is a short range magic ability. Range is 3 meters at max, cool down is around 10 minutes and Chase needs to see where he is going as he might teleport inside a solid object and basically die. He can take a change but it is rare and considered as last resort desperation move. Forced continuous use makes him black out.

This ability has a sub level move called Shadow Dash. This move is completely out of Chase's control. His teleportation ability makes him jump few centimeters to avoid lethal damage from a attack. This ability is something his survival instinct relies on in pinch. As Chase can't control when he executes this move, it takes away mana without him knowing, which in turn makes his teleportation less useful.

Doppelganger is the physical form of Chase's shadow, made of the body of his mirror self. This is natural ability he can summon when ever he wants. It's limit is around two minutes at a time with 15  minute cool down. The double is a dummy that can't be used to hurt Chase. It has no pupils  in it's eyes and emits an aura that is nearly in visible (comic has it more visible so you can tell which is which). It's also without a shadow, as is Chase when he uses this ability.

It works with simple mental commands. For example: "Attack the mage" would make the double to attack the mage Chase thinks about. "Follow my lead" makes it copy Chase's moves to a point. The simpler the command, more efficient the double is. It can't handle complex commands with multiple layers to them. Best commands are ones with one and only one verb. If Chase thinks of a command that is too complex for the double, it twitches and falls apart in a brutal manner.

Chase (c) me

Trees ain't the only thing blooming by Lazy-a-Ile
Trees ain't the only thing blooming
For the Cherry Blossom event

Veli-Pekka sure hates spring. His antlers keep growing flowers like nobody's business, he hates it. Makes him feel girly, doesn't sit well with his self conscience.

Welp, he'll be fine after while...hopefully...

Veli-Pekka (c) Me
Pokemon (c) Nintendo

Low Poly Chase
I did a little low poly test. I Aimed at PS1, early PC 3D graphics.
I'm gonna try and make another one later now that I've got a better idea about how to tackle making these.

Might take some time to load!

Chase (c) me
Pokemon (c) Nintendo

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