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Step right up into my gallery! Don't worry I won't bite unless you have cookies ^^


Note that I do use brushes made by others so please check my favs to see whose brushes I might have used. These people are awesome so I thank you for this ^^

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Ilja Levonen
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
I have studied Digital Media at Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences and specialized to game graphics and design. I currently work full time at RAY (Raha Automaatti Yhdistys) as Game Artist.
Stream has ended!




I've decided to tryout some livestream gaming! Well...after trying out settings and failing a lot...Yaaaayy~
Not sure how horribly it's going to go down but if you are interested about me blindly playing the game Grow Home, come join me.
Stream starts at 20:00 according EEST GTM +3 hours timezone.

My twitch channel link is the following:
I'll update this journal before starting.

Hope to see you there ^^
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Come Here You by Lazy-a-Ile
Come Here You
For KayVee since I think she could use a pick me up.
Another sort of study of this flat poster style. Kri, I swear that I sent you a poster of this if you want XD

But yeah, I think I got the hand of this, next time something more action packed =w=

Veli-Pekka (c) me
Tina (c) :iconkayveedee:
Pokemon (c) Nintendo

Espial World Design Challenge: Squlopus by Lazy-a-Ile
Espial World Design Challenge: Squlopus

"This lake creature pretends to be a plant to hide from it's predators immune to it's poison. It uses it's flower to emit sweet scents to attract bugs for food. It uses the spots in it's body to communicate with other species and light up lakes at night."

Species name:

Squlopus (squid + lotus + octopus)


Waterplant lake creature

Chosen design elements:

So I thought about this long and hard. I saw a top ten list on venomous creatures and a certain blue ringed octopus was mentioned there. I thought the look of the creature was cool and then I started to think flowers that live in water and lotus came to mind. However the shape of the octopus didn't work so I took some squid to make it more balanced. To make the flower make bit more sense, I decided that it's used as a flytrap. No since Espial World has a lot of bio-illuminating plants, I decided to take it step forward with the concept of mood ring. Basically it emits light depending on it's mood to communicate with other species. I thought it would be fun if other group members would want to join in to study this creature so I left certain colors out of the translation so people can speculate what they all mean. Also I thought that illuminated lake would look cool during the night~


Squlopus is a creature that is most commonly seen in lakes around tropical areas. They commune in groups of at least five to alert about approaching predators more efficiently. It hides in other plant life to mask itself but is easily picked out from shore due to black spots on it's leaves. Though poisonous there is a species of water predators that are immune to it entirely. Hence why people who get poisoned by these creatures rarely die because a common antidote.

Scolupus lives on insects it captures with the flower that it has growing from it's head while the rest of the body stays stationary to look like a plant. Because this species moves only when trying to run away from predators, it has evolved to use their spots to light a certain color. These colors can mean anything and only four have been successfully translated. The stop lighting up if a predator is spotted close by. If they are spotted, they close the plant and dive while spraying poison out of their body. It works as a neurotoxin and shuts most of the bodies functions for good. The predators are immune and if something else get's sprayed, you better hope you are a big person. This toxin works faster on smaller target as bigger ones can feel the effect after hours or days, in which point you should seek medical attention. Just don't scare them and you'll be fine.
Scolupus is born without bones so it usually just hides in hard to get places for safety.

Mating season for the scolupus is indicated by a pink light that comes out of it. There is need for a male and female to make eggs that grow into scolupus later. This species is really friendly during this time and won't mind others of the same species joining in at all. This season lasts around month and there are hundreds new born eggs made each year but the predators get at least 2/3 of them.

You can have one as a pet as long as you get it's trust and keep it in water. It's meat is rather delicious but it's a good idea to put antidote in the meat even if you successfully remove the poison bladders. Just to make sure you won't get poisoned accidentally.


Finally got a idea for this moths challenge and just in time too XD

Time to Sweep! by Lazy-a-Ile
Time to Sweep!
For the… charity collab.

Naturally I had to look through my collection of games and pic a failed Xbox mascot for Kirby power. Blinx, your game was okay but sadly I had no patience to finish it  =w=

Kirby (c) Nintendo
Blinx the Time Sweeper (c) Microsoft
Clash - Let's dance... by Lazy-a-Ile
Clash - Let's dance...
Chase doesn't play by the rules, if the opponent uses long range weaponry in an open area, Chase makes the area more cramped with his Ice Shards. He thinks this will give him advantage over long range. At least he has some ideas about how to stay alive in a battle. Good for him. Even though he couldn't use Ice Shard again during this fight =_=;;;

So tried to simplistic style again, did it little different though, to try stuff out, bit more texture ^^

Chase (c) me
Acebe (c) :iconridiculousling:

One classy looking frog lady by Lazy-a-Ile
One classy looking frog lady
Did you know...she needs no wire to hold that dress in that shape  =w=
For Slamer as his a cool guy ^^

Seven (c) :iconslamer165:


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